Get 45% tax deduction for using home cleaning services in Finland.


In home cleaning it is necessary to consider the private client and client´s need. Maw Finland takes care of the home cleaning in a loyal and experienced manner. Different cleaning tasks are being well-taken care of, easily and naturally. Home cleaning brings comfort and ease to your home.


After our visit, it is good to come home!


Our home cleaning services include, for example contract-based maintenance cleaning, thorough general cleaning and window cleaning. Maintenance cleaning will guarantee constantly clean home and will let the client use his time for something else. The cleaning of the house will no longer bind the client´s schedule. Maintenance cleaning includes washing of the floors, cleaning of the carpets, the kitchen area and table area and cleaning of the bathroom space.

One time cleaning we do around moving projects, private parties and special holidays. We offer additional cleaning services that you and your home might need. Additional services are for example washing of the sauna, waxing the floor, window cleaning and watering the plants.


We tailor each of our contract separately. Bravely contact us!