Company information

MAW is a sustainable cleaning company established in 2012. We provide high quality and green cleaning services to the day-to-day operations of our customer businesses. Our HQ is located in Turku, Varsinais Suomi.

MAW was established from the passion for facility management with the mission to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impacts. Thanks to the trust put by our clients, we have an experience with cleaning offices, constructions site, restaurants, supermarkets, private apartments, shops, hotels, banks and many more.

We are well known for the best customer service. Since MAW is a family business, our priority is a satisfied and happy client that feels well-taken care off. Moreover, we think it is our duty to provide the highest, affordable and sustainable solutions people can enjoy.

We believe there is always a solution to every problem! Our customers deserve to work in an eco-friendly, clean environment so don’t hesitate to contact us.